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Icon Collective

What is Icon Collective? Experience school life at Icon L.A.

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The Icon Digital Music Production (DMP) course is a 9-month study, balancing technology and creativity. The DMP course places you on the fast track to becoming a successful 21st century music producer living a creative lifestyle.

Our courses cover some very complex subjects, but you will find that we have assembled a curriculum that makes even the most difficult-to-grasp concepts easy to digest. Our philosophy is to get you up and running quickly, creating music, while maintaining your inspiration and thirst for further knowledge.

Making it in today's music business requires a "jack of all trades" mentality, mixing talent, professionalism, and killer
marketing skills. This is why you'll find a heavy emphasis on the business side as well as the creative.

For a free tour and more information, contact us at info@learn2produce.com or call 818.334.3671. You can also visit us at http://www.learn2produce.com Show less
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