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iSoccer Core Challenges Play

Play iSoccer to get better, have fun, and learn skills.

The object is to earn as many points, badges, and skill levels as possible.

Do this by taking Challenges, logging scores, and proving them to your coach or parent.

You also get points for other stuff!

Game on!

The iSoccer Core Challenges cover all the skills you need to become a technical player and to have more fun on the field.

You take Core Challenges and try to beat your high scores. The more you take Challenges, the better your scores will get, and the more comfortable you'll be with the ball.

Each Core Challenge has 10 Skill Levels.

iSoccer Membership for Clubs and Organizations Play

We partner with Clubs and Organizations, large and small, from all over the world. These videos will give you a brief overview of the iSoccer Partnership Program.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The iSoccer Membership Team

iSoccer Goalkeeper Challenges Play

iSoccer and Tony DiCicco are excited to bring you the new iSoccer Goalkeeper Challenges! Now we need your help so we can gather scores, create the Skill Levels, and determine the final number of Challenges.

Game on!
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