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Dom Philly

doM phILLY- Empty your mind, be formless (beat by iRatz--Samurai Showdown)

5,047 views 3 years ago
Beat by iRatz!


Outta this world like astronomy, you can't see my view
So don't bother me honestly this is my philosophy
I gotta be hittin a lot of homers like the odyssey
Oddyseus oblivious to hypocrisy, commodities
Treated like monopoly money a lot of lottery
Dummies, gettin none from me, it's possibly funny
How um the economy's crummy, you down to be bummy?
Cuz I'd be lyin if I believed that's it's bound to be sunny
Teach peace, preach modesty, and honestly conceit
Seems to not breed equality, possessed with each property
Never need apostrophes soon to be anomaly's
Reachin new geography a community of mockeries
Where there's poverty obviously there's robbery
Of innocence, like immigrants reshaped like pottery
Nobody's Jockin me it's practically probable
Or probably practical that' I'm radically fanatical
Or passively rational with massively magical
Powers, makin gravity factual by the hour
It's actually tactical cowards aren't compatible
Locked by the capital we gotta be adaptable
Decipher this cypher as your writin a rhyme
Fightin for mine and if I win go light on the lime
Stepped right on a mine and it blew up the underground
The thunders been drowned and the beats been found Show less
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