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IBM Security

How Cyber Attackers Operate and How to Stop Them

1,858 views 2 months ago
In this video we show how attackers operate, how they can be stopped, and how security enables organizations to take advantage of cloud, mobile and social technologies.

With massive security breaches happening everyday on organizations leaving behind compromised data, inaccessible services and billions of dollars worth of damage, Security teams require a smarter, more intelligent security approach to protect their people, data, applications and infrastructure, including mobile and cloud.

For more information on IBM Security's strategy and capabilities: http://ibm.co/1l8moQL

Learn about latest trends and risks happening, download the latest IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report: http://ibm.co/1paBBXt Show less
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Application Security Play

Application security testing tools enable you to find and remediate vulnerabilities earlier in the development process -- reducing the cost of building secure and compliant web and mobile applications.

Learn more: http://ibm.co/app-security

Data protection Play

Data is the new global currency and the lifeblood of the enterprise. Did you know that database servers are the primary source of breached data? How can organizations ensure compliance and protect themselves against rogue insiders and external attacks especially in an era of high volume, variety, velocity and veracity data? The answer is to establish a holistic approach to secure structured, unstructured, online and offline data across the enterprise.

Learn more: http://ibm.co/dataprotect

Identity and access management Play

Savvy organizations understand the importance of safeguarding access to IT assets and complying with security policies. After all, a security breach or failed audit can cost an organization its reputation or even lost revenue. As IT infrastructures become more interconnected and cloud adoption grows, controlling and monitoring users' access privileges and activities becomes even more critical and more complex.
Identity and access management solutions can help by streamlining user profile management, reducing costs, and improving security in cloud and mobile environments. They can also aid security compliance by monitoring, auditing and reporting on user entitlements and activities.

Learn more: http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/us/en/subcategory/SW­I20

Infrastructure protection Play

IBM Infrastructure protection solutions provide in-depth security across your network, servers, virtual servers, mainframes, and endpoints. This spans a wide range of critical security needs from identifying and blocking the latest emerging threats, to keeping all endpoints in continuous compliance with organizational policies.

IBM's Advanced Threat Protection Platform (ATPP) provides an extensible approach to respond quickly to today's evolving threat landscape.

Learn more: http://ibm.co/infraprotect
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