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"Thinking About You" Remix - Frank Ocean (feat. Jayy Perry & Renz Melchor)

6,183 views 1 year ago
Hello Youtube! I have a little remix of Thinking About You by Frank Ocean. Make sure to watch this video in 720p HD. This has to be one of my all time favorite songs by Frank Ocean next to Novacane. I hope you guys enjoy the video! Don't forget to leave a "Like" and a comment. Also if you haven't already, please feel free to subscribe for more content! Thank you!

I want to thank Jayy Perry for her beautiful voice, because without her, this video wasn't even possible. :) And Elmer Abapo for help with the lyrics. Subscribe to them!

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I need air, I can't breath without you, I'm dying.
Everything we done, we are defying.
Every kiss, I feel like I'm flying.
I'm walking down all these halls, so misjudged and so tempted to,
Join all of these people, that you distrust, and made fun of you.
Why am I here? What am I living for?
These sad times, thats what I'm fearin though.
Through rough times,its been a miracle.
We fightin, and I'm like here we go .

(This goes out to a girl named Alexandra)
I met this girl in the eighth grade - instant attraction.
Wrapped in her dope sense of fashion, and thats when,
I truly fell in love for the first time.
Simply perfect and beautiful, she was like a nursery rhyme.
But with much deeper meaning, so that couldn't possibly,
Get a girl like that no matter what the stakes are and how cautiously, I approached it.
Regardlessly, she would still talk to me.
So I hung over her words just like an apostrophe. What's good?
I'm never venting, I just feel so lightheaded.
Thinking too much as u be hating so start telling me this.

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