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Savage XR

Savage XR Gameplay Trailer

149,545 views 10 months ago
Play Savage XR Free at http://www.savagexr.com
No ads, no monetization. The way free is meant to be.
Available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Savage XR, the successor of the 2003 award winning PC game "Savage: Battle for Newerth", delivers a unique team-based gaming experience, defining a new genre: RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter). As a field player, you will master diverse weapons and units engaged in a fast paced battle. The FPS mode boasts a truly one-of-a-kind melee system, rewarding genuine player skill. In the RTS mode, as the commander of your team, you will manage your economy and resources, develop a robust tech tree, plan your assault and lead real human players to battle.

- easy to use map editor with 2000 fan made maps
- 11 game modes, modding tools
- full control of dedicated servers
- offline multiplayer support
- detailed game statistics and rankings
- in game messaging system & clan management
- esports: client and server side replay function, unique skins and models for competitive clans

Trailer Credits:
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