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Roosevelt House

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Addresses the American Public from Roosevelt House

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the presidential election on November 8, 1932, defeating President Herbert Hoover. Waiting for the returns that evening, he spoke to the excited crowd at the Biltmore Hotel. The next afternoon, Wednesday, November 9, FDR spoke from the second floor drawing room of Roosevelt House, his first radio address to the American people as president-elect. He immediately did it again, filmed by Fox Movietone News for airing in the nation's movie theaters. His mother, Sara Delano Roosevelt, sits beside him and his two oldest children, Anna and James, stand behind them. His talk is preceded by short vignette of James Farley and Louis Howe, architects of the Democratic victory, trading quips in the Roosevelt drawing room on the second floor at 65th Street. Show less
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Ike Reconsidered: Lessons from the Eisenhower Legacy Play

A scholarly two-day conference that included sessions on a range of topics including presidential leadership, science policy, civil rights, and both foreign and domestic policy. It will focus on present-day policy implications and the lessons we can draw from the Eisenhower Legacy for the 21st Century.
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