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Doctor Who - The Nightmare Man Play

One year after the events of "Last of the Timelords", Lucy Saxon is awakened by the sound of drumming inside her head, is the Master contacting her from beyond the grave or is she crazy? Only one man can help her only is this strange man who calls himself the Doctor really the same man she met on-board the valiant during the paradoxical year?

Doctor Who - Time of the Destroyer Play

The Doctor awakes inside a mental asylum suffering from some kind of an identity crisis, the nefarious Canon Black takes the Doctor away and places him as a soldier in 1792 during the Russian conflict allowing the Destroyer of worlds to return and devour the world as he once planned, Lucy Miller[Sheridan Smith] must get the Doctor to remember who he is in time to stop the Time of the Destroyer, however The Doctor has taken to his new life in 1792 and has also taken to his new lady friend Catherine the Great.

Doctor Who - The Curse of Renwick Play

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