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Hugh Gyton

The Art of Conversation Play

Do you open yourself up to the potential of conversations with total strangers?
Are you aware of your limiting beliefs around the power of conversation?
Are you ON conversation?
Strong conversation skills are not only key in reducing the potential for misunderstandings or conflict,
they are fundamental in enabling people to quickly build rapport with new contacts, develop strong rela-
tionships and have greater success throughout life. Hugh Gytons insightful new book will help you mas-
ter the art of conversation. With practical, straightforward advice and entertaining anecdotes, Hugh Gyton
and his co-author Tracey Ward, give readers the tools to expand their conversation skills and squeeze as
much interaction as possible out of life.
The art of conversation, the first in the Just a conversation™ series, will help you discover your personal
conversation mode minder, director, organiser or enthusiast while teaching you how to tailor your
conversational styles for different audiences and mediums. By learning to strike a balance between the
three components of conversation thinking, doing and saying The art of conversation will teach you
how to communicate in the right way and at the right time.

Selling is Just a conversation Play

We all sell all the time; to our clients, children, partners in life, friends, and colleagues. This playlist will introduce you some of the basic skills worth thinking about to have greater success and more fulfilling relationships through the art of conversation.
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