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Howard Lake

Fundraising Camp Play

Fundraising Camp is a new kind of one-day event for fundraisers. Instead of dozens of fundraisers sitting in silence listening to a few experts, the audience at Fundraising Camp are the speakers. They get to talk about and share their expertise and their challenges with other fundraisers.

Imagine tapping all the experience and expertise that is in a fundraising conference's audience! That is what UK Fundraising's Fundraising Camp tries to unlock.

We are running these events around the UK, and maybe even further afield. They've taken place in Oxford, Leeds, and Canterbury, and we're running them in Chichester, London and Peterborough and lots more places during 2014 and beyond.

Charity and Lego Play

Charities and fundraisers using Lego to support their fundraising and communications campaigns. Plus individuals who use Lego in their fundraising activities. Expect some amusing and creative ideas.
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