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House Music TV is a revolutionary service that shows you the latest and greatest house music videos online. We show you inside the lives of international house music DJs and the global nightclub scene. If you want to keep up with the latest events featuring your favorite DJs, House Music TV is perfect for you.

We not only provide a look into the house music scene, but also showcase the fashions, travel, food and drink, and other things associated with the lifestyles of the big names in house music. This allows you a complete look at the house music scene beyond simply the music.

Follow your favorite DJs and listen to house music mp3s electronically without the high costs involved in the nightlife and clubbing. You can watch house music videos and listen to our mp3 selection online without ever leaving your home. We provide the best music, the best DJs, and videos of the best nightclub parties, so check back here often to get your house music and clubbing fix.


For the first time ever the city of Miami has been crowned King of American night life. Offering a wide range of world class venues and a constant flow of headline Djs.

While playing host to the Winter Music Conference every year, Miami is the only city in America offering 24 hour parties on sunlit patios and terraces quite similar to those found in Ibiza.


The amount of jet set nightlife and music theme parties Las Vegas has to offer make it an outstanding destination for all travelers who love music. What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas. Take a new look at some high-energy dance music parties happening in Sin City that only House Music TV can show you.

Hollywood, CA Play

LOS ANGELS, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Sunset


New York City's credentials in the areas of art, music, nightlife, DJs, and Jet-Set life style as a whole, make it a premiere location.

The Official GROOVE CRUISE Play

Videos from the MIAMI Groove Cruise. Miami Beach 2009 2010 Bahamas with House Music TV & LEE KALT.

MEXICO - BPM - Playa Del Carmen - Tulem Play

House Music TV - Mexico
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