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Steps To Simplicity

Traditional food preparation Play

This playlist will cover old time methods of preserving and preparing food without the use of modern amenities, (with the exception of canning) and will show you how to store your harvest or just to store food you know is healthy for you, rather than buying stuff from the market whose origins are questionable.


One word


Laughter is the best medicine! ;P

Farming/Gardening Play

What to do?? Well, dirt is free, and all you need is time and water. This playlist is filled with special videos designed to inspire and entice you to get out there and take some action!

For me to able to provide you with these videos, and have actually tried the methods and techniques proposed here, is a a testimony to the fact that any one can do it!

(An Aside- I am not a proponent of "Peak Oil" or "Global Warming", nor am I an "Earth" worshiper, or follower of "Gaia". I believe that these movements are part of the agenda to tax carbon and create a tighter one world Government through restrictive legislation designed to favor the "Earth" rather than it's inhabitants. Therefore, take those connotations presented in these videos with a grain of salt, and know that I do not endorse those ideas. )

I'm not denying that we are seeing a drastic change in our environment, but rather the way in which it is being used to further the globalist agenda is something to consider as you learn to become self sufficient. Peak oil is more an issue of who controls the resources rather than the question of whether there are enough resources.
"Who ever controls the oil, controls the nations, whoever controls the food, controls the people." - Henry Kissinger
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