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Joe and the Jungle - 1776 (Official Music Video)

100,448 views 3 weeks ago
1776, get it right now!

Joe and the Jungle commits acts of indecency, crimes against humanity, and a pinch of terrorism... all for America! Things like: Reenacting the Boston Tea Party in a kiddy pool filled with children, drinking in public, antagonizing an officer of the law, vehicular manslaughter, beating up kids in the park, beating up the latest Internet Bill (IN A VIDEO GAME!), cannibalism, and blowing up the Capital Building.

Artist: Joe and the Jungle
Song: 1776

Produced by Brian Edwards & Joe Reilly
Directed by Brian Edwards
Cinematography by Nick Angilello
Edited by Brian Edwards
3D Animation & Visual Effects by Joe Reilly
2D Animation by Brian Edwards

Filmed in Super 8 film and scanned to HD by Pro 8mm

Buy the song "1776" by Joe and the Jungle at the link below:
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