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WTF! One Direction Attacked On Stage By Crazy Fans!

116,939 views 3 weeks ago
WTF! One Direction Attacked On Stage By Crazy Fans!
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One Direction's Niall Horan gets hit in the knee and Harry Styles gets struck in the face. Okay I gotta get this off my chest, what's the deal with fans throwing things at our beloved boys?

This recent incident actually caused Niall to bleed and limp off stage (FYI he just had surgery 5 months ago).

Now that's not how you treat your favorite 1D member, is it? And let's be real... If you want to get someone's attention, that is 100% NOT the way to do it

The boys have had slew of items thrown at them and it's not getting any less scary.

Here's the lesson of the day: Stick and stones may break my bones, but shoes really hurt too. So don't throw things at One Direction.

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