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Hollie Ferguson

Random Video Recording (Apple Store in Glasgow)

535 views 3 years ago
(18 April 2011) Hey Guys What's Up =) this afternoon i was in the apple store with two new friends of mine named Kirsty and Japp who by the way were standing right behind me doing other things on other computers such as facebooking lol as they did'nt want to be in the video with me (lol scared much)
so i had to entertain myself by continuing with my recording on my own..sadly, which got pretty boring after a while hense why i mutterd 'Boring' in the middle of this video lol i was'nt talking eaither because i had nothing to say or talk about,plus i felt a little self concious talking infront of the web camera while INSIDE of the apple shop as there was people all around,so yeah meeeh lol
Other than that.. it was a pretty amazing day because later that evening i had met up with an old friend of mine named Matthew McGarry who i attended collage with years ago. it was nice to see him again after so long,we had a wonderful little catch up and it was a great hang out session also the weather was beautiful which made it all the fantastical =D so yeah,thumbs up for the whole day in general. Show less
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