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.:SpeedPaint. |Toxic Treat| .SpyxedDemon:.

1,254 views 8 months ago
Tumblr: http://www.spyxeddemon.tumb...
DeviantArt: http://www.spyxeddemon.devi...
A day too late. Sniff.
But anyways, I thought I'd make that up by actually doing something special. That's right. I edited the video and rendered it in Premiere Pro. I remember making a video in it with game fragments, but hell, I forgot everything since it was years ago. BUT I TRIED AGAIN. And this is the result. An attempt to make something nice. So yeah, this is my level 1 outcome of Premiere Pro effort. : (

I'm just glad the video actually exported at all. I had a lot of problems, and the video itself is so-so I'd say. I learned a lot of things on the way while making it, but I was too lazy to redo all the edits and stuff so it'd be more efficient and shorter...But still, it's a long speedpaint, sooo. There might be some weird pixel moments here and there and what not, sorry about that. I need to find a better way to export the video.

But for now, enjoy~

Music I used:
- XXX Carride - Judas [The Magic Puppet Remix]
- Red Hot Skull [Sonic Adventure]
[I don't own the music]

-Time taken: About 6 hours
- Programs used: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS3
- Video editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Show less
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~::HogzOnly::~ Play

Afoid the hedgehog
Gender: Male
Siblings: Xyp the hedgehog
Basic power: Darkness
Bio: Hogger's sidekick. was evil in the beginning. but is nice now. Hyper at all time...and always there when you need him....or don't need him --_--
Theme Song: Poor Infortunate Souls - Jonas Brothers
Dark side: Agares the Demonhog
Agares, a god that was the ''Demon of Courage".
This side will being awaken out of rage, or other reasons.
Theme song: With You by Linkin Park

Spyx the Hedgehog
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Siblings: None
Main power: Psychic, Darkness
Bio: Years ago, Spyx was different and somewhat more 'nice' to people, that all changed...
Her best friend was Realla the hedgehog(Hogger's sister) When she got killed, she was alone. She began to change, more bad, more darker, and somewhat more evil.. What could possibly stop her from being evil? All she needed was a friend.
Until she met Hogger, she changed 'good' again. But still having the pain in her heart seeing her best friend suffer to death, she never changed in emotions. She can be friendly though, But don't act it to her limits..
Theme: Who I am - Magna-Fi

Xyp the hedgehog
Gender: Male
Siblings: None
Basic power: he can jump very high.
Bio: Xyp, age 14. but psychally 6....
also a mechanic with an IQ of 206.

Darks the hedgehog(Hogger's evil clone)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Siblings: Unknown
Basic power: Psytox(psychic)
Bio: Hogger's evil twin clone...with no past to remember.
Wanting to conquer the worlds and planets with his bear hands. But of course some sweet little help of the Iblish Crystals. Destiny? He didn't had any. Not really. Only wanted the respect he 'deserved'. Untill he met a girl, she changed his life...Forever(?).
Clan: The Psytox
Theme Song: Move - Thousand Foot Krutch
Dark side: Demon Darks "Cryptic"
Awakes when the Inhibitor Collar is being removed from his spines.
Theme song: I'm Alive by Disturbed

Xepter the Lycan
Gender: Male
Siblings: None
Basic power: Spirit Motion
Bio: at full moon, he becomes stronger and a true Lycan....he rules the Loup Garou, a pack of Lycans, stronger than ordinairy wolfs....
Clan: The Loup Garou
Theme Song: Animal I have Become - Three Days Grace

Janna the hedgehog
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Siblings: None
Main power: Psychic
Job: destroy hogger(??)
Janna is a loner, was beatin' up in her past by Hogger the hedgehog, although, that's what she thought....
Theme Song: Angel of Darkness - Alex C. Ft. Yasmin K.

Cyber the Timerhog(or Timgerhedgehog)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Siblings: None
Main power: Controlling time and Space itself
Bio: Cyber was chosen for carrieng the Scepter of Psylotic. WIth some help of his timer necklace called "The Chorono Trigger" he can travel through time and space. He's very friendly, but can be angry very easy too..
He grew up with Hogger and Xyle.
Team: Psynic
Hobbies: Riding his Derbi

Xyle the Hedgehog
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Siblings: Afoid the hedgehog
Main power: Psychic and Rage
Bio: Almost the same as Cyber the Timerhog. They knew each other for a long time. They're psychally almost brothers.
Both they share a different past. He grew up with Hogger and Cyber
Team: Psynic


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