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  • I depends on the type of pepper--sweet or hot. Sweet peppers can be harvested when large enough and used fresh or cut and frozen for later use. Hot peppers like Cayenne can be left of the plant until they turn red. Pull up the whole plant before the first frost and hang upside down on a backporch to dry or you can use a dehydrator. Some people like to roast Anaheims first, then freeze. You can also slice up your red peppers and "can" them in vinegar.

    Vegetable & Fruit Gardening : How to Grow Peppers

    Peppers are a diverse group of plants that includes bell peppers, sweet peppers, chili peppers and pimento peppers. Find out how to grow peppers in a well-prepared seed bed with help from an organi...
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  • Thanks for the info. I've always tried saving pepper seeds, but they usually turn moldy before they dry, I didn't think about hanging them up attached to the pepper. I grew many heirloom varieties this year and I'm going to try your method. Thanks again.

    Saving Heirloom Pepper Seeds

    Rita Heikenfeld, from AboutEating.com, had a bumper crop of peppers this year. In this video she shows you how to save pepper seeds from one of her favorites from her garden -- a jalapeño. Pepper s...
  • I did not know that the beet seeds were inside the little knobby, tiny fruits. I wondered why I always had clumps of beets. I learned something new today. Thanks.

    Planting Beets

    Visit http://cookingupastory.com for more videos, stories, and information. Beets have a sweet, earthy flavor that is unlike any other vegetable I have tasted. And the gorgeous deep ruby red color...
  • Save the big pickle jars (or any large glass jars with resealable lids. They're great for water storage (no strange, plastic chemicals leaching into the water) and good for storage of your dried goods like: beans, rice, flour, etc.

    Leaking water bottles

    http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=74349 My wife and I were cleaning up around the freezer only to find that some of the gallons of water we had stored had been leaking.

    urban su...
  • Always keep of those small clorine disks used to clean pools (about $2.50) in your backpack. When you do find a source of questionable water, shave a little of your dry clorine into it and let it sit for awhile for the clorine to do it's thing and it's safe to drink. Not great tasting, but safe.

    Finding water in the wilderness part 1

    http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=65163 Your out on a hiking trip, your out of water and its 100 degrees outside. How do you find water in these dried up creek beds?
  • I use this method for hard to sprout seeds & new items that I don't know what they'll look like when they come up (it's easy to pull something up thinking it's a weed when it's your new Giant Amaranth; (they look like weeds when small). Anyway, I recommend soaking the peat pots the night before putting in your seeds; It'll help keep the seeds from floating to the top. Peat takes awhile to hydrate. In windy areas tape your lid to the pan so U don't have to go hunting it down every evening. ;-)

    Poorman's Garden! Grow TONS of food FAST! from seeds

    This is a really fast way to grow your food with your own garden. Take 72 seeds and make 72 separate plants in a couple days.
    Grown tons of food fast!
    A must for anyone trying to survive the NWO.
  • If you live in a longer growing season area, like Fla, you can take the cuttings and easily root them (all those little fuzzy hairs on the stems become roots). Then you can have a later fall crop of tomatoes.

    How to Set Up a Low Maintenance Garden : How to Prune a Tomato Plant

    Learn how to prune tomato plants in your garden in this free video on low maintenance gardening.

    Expert: Doug Smiddy
    Bio: Doug Smiddy has had an active interest in gardening as long has he can rem...
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  • I visited the "Cannery" in San Francisco in the 70's. They canned a large sardine that was so plentiful they thought they could never exhaust the supply. Until one day they weren't any left. Now there are just photos left to show the masses of the silvery fish and the Cannery is a collection of restuarants and shops.

    I hope we come to our senses before it's too late.

    State of the Oceans Health: In Crisis

    For more information and videos, visit us at http://cookingupastory.com Alison Barratt, from the Monterey Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch program discusses the health of the oceans in relation to nati...
  • I'm impressed they can grow so much produce on 1/5 acre. I've got 40 acres and I don't grow that amount!

    I'm not sure many urban neighborhoods would allow chickens or goats, but veggie gardens can be put in almost any backyard. I've even seen patio gardens that have produced a fair amount of produce.

    Keep up the good work...

    Life (Mostly) Off the Grid | The New York Times

    NYTimes.com - The Dervaes are living the green life in Pasadena, Calif.

    Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n

    Watch more videos at: http://nytimes.com/video

  • The video was a little different than I was expecting, but interesting. I'm currently living off-grid with my own solar/wind system, well/septic and raise my own food. I grow veggies in the summer and I raise chickens and have milk goats. The off-grid gathering sounds like a great idea. I'd love to attend one. Thanks for the video.

    #0013 - Off The Grid

    We went to Robert Scoble's "Off The Grid" camp.
  • Thanks tejemaneje94 for your response. My little coffee seedlings are growing on my window sill. I'm hoping to build a climate controlled greenhouse for them by the time they outgrow their place in the dining room. Our soil is very alkaline here, but it can be supplimented to acidic, if that's what they prefer.

    Growing Organic Coffee - Sanora Vida

    See the organic process of planting a 3 month old coffee plant
  • Cookingupastory: I have heard that if you put your seeds in the freezer they can be kept indefinately. Like the seed bank they have up in one of the scandinavian countries.

    Organizing Seeds

    For more Stories, Food News, & Cooking Fresh videos, visit: http://cookingupastory.com
    Every year Jean Ann is an enthusiastic over-orderer of seedsinevitably leading to hundreds of packets, trailin...
  • He's right about work taking longer in the winter. It takes a long time just to get enough layers of clothes on to go outside when it's 10 degrees. It's a real challenge keeping the livestock water from freezing.

    I've spent the winter hauling in aged goat manure for my 2 garden plots and hope to have a good harvest this year. I won't even buy tomatoes from the grocery store anymore. I don't know what they do to them, but they'll turn black inside before they will ripen and they're tasteless.

    A Good Food Farmer

    For more Stories, Food News, and Cooking Fresh videos, visit: http://cookingupastory.com
    This is not your typical story, for Anthony Boutard, of Ayers Creek Farm, is not your typical farmer. Train...
  • Last year was so bad it was hard to find any humor in it. Looks like Jib Jab is feeling the stress.

    JibJab.com: "2008 Year In Review"

    • by JibJab
    • 5 years ago
    See all of our JibJab Originals at: http://sendables.jibjab.com/originals

    It must be December - snow is falling, children are writing letters to Santa and we're dragging 2008 through the mud in ...
  • This video will come in handy for using all the squash and tomatoes I'll be growing next year. Anyone know where to buy one of those squash scrappers? I can't think of anything that I could use as a substitute tool.

    Lebanese Cooking: How To Make Summer Squash with Rice

    A delightful way to make a tasty Lebanese squash dish. This is a vegetarian alternative to kousa mihshi stuffed with rice, garbanzo beans, parsley, and tomato, is satisfying and wonderfully seasone...
  • The background music sounds like bagpipes "breathing". It isn't the most enjoyable sound. If you reloaded this with better soundtrac you'd probably get more views. I have to turn off the sound just to finish the video.

    Cornish Voices Organic farming series video 1

    Brian & Mark organic farming using horses at Trevalon Organics in South East Cornwall
  • Farming has mostly been taken over by large companies like Monsanto and Con-Agra. We can cut into this monopoly by growing what we can with what land we have. Decades past they called them "victory gardens". I think this will be coming back--big time.

    Community Supported Agriculture.

    An introduction to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) with a focus on sustainability and fresh, local food.
  • I wish my tomatoes had gotten this size. We had an early frost and I had to pick my tomatoes while they were still small and green. I tried a couple of "fried green tomato" recipes, but just don't like the strong acid taste, so I just let them ripen up. I've never tried tomato pie, but looks pretty good. A very well done cooking illustration. 5 stars!

    Tomato Pie

    For more Stories, Food News, and Cooking Fresh videos, visit: http://cookingupastory.com
    Award-winning pie-off contestant, Tricia Butler, demonstrates how to make a fabulous tomato pie from garden...
  • I make such a good matzah ball soup that my gentle friends love it. My secret...is taste. I add garlic powder, salt/pepper and minced onion to the matzah mix and it gives it real flavor. Plus I put in a lot of extra chicken into the soup broth. mmmm

    And this vid was funny.

    JibJab - Matzah! Rap

    • by JibJab
    • 6 years ago
    Passover goes Hip Hop in JibJab's illin'est music video! Just because you don't recognize Jesus as your personal savior doesn't mean you don't recognize phat rhyme when you hear it. L'chaim, G-mone...
  • This had to take a huge amount of time to put together. Enjoyable and differant than most Jib Jabs.

    Star Spangled Spangled Banner

    • by JibJab
    • 6 years ago
    JibJab teamed up with ThePartyParty.com to produce this kick-a$$ July 4th celebration! Actually, to say we teamed up is misleading. He's the genius. Not us. Make sure to check out the other GREAT w...
  • Wow, you really put me in my place with that clever reputtal! You must have spent hours thinking that up ;-)

    Red State Update Moves To Canada

    Fed up over Obama's victory, the desperate Jackie and Dunlap head to the Great White North. There's only one person persuasive enough to lure them back to America-- but who?

    Directed by Brad Jo...
  • Looks like the Pentagon building was put into space. ;-)

    October 14 2008 leak 11101

    Trying to avoid incidents scheduled to take place on 10_14_2008. Treaties are being drawn up to delay contact with the full intention of not honoring the agreement should said events take place or...
  • My parents were die-hard, southern, Republicans and I've voted Rep must of my life. BUT after 8 years of a Pres who spent money like he was running the printing presses himself, did little to stop the pourous borders and threw civil rights and the constitution "under the bus" I voted for Obama. I knew McCain would be 4 more years of the same policies.

    SA@Takimag - The Democrats' Reagan

    How president-elect Barack Obama is now, symbolically, for the Democrats what Ronald Reagan is for Republicans.
  • She needs to screen her calls a lot better. Maybe they should call George Bush up...

    Palin's prank call from fake French president

    GOP vice presidential pick takes comedian's call, talks about Bruni, Cheney
    The Associated Press
    updated 7:53 p.m. PT, Sat., Nov. 1, 2008

    MONTREAL - Sarah Palin unwittingly took a prank call S...
  • That was SICK...

    Sarah Palin Goes Hunting

    She could be our next Vice President and if she is... DEATH TO ALL MOOSE -- including Bullwinkle! http://www.liquidgeneration.com/1e61d63f
  • If Bill Ayers was such a big bad terrorist, why isn't he in prision? or in Cuba? He is a colledge professor. He doesn't look to dangerous to me. I think we need to worry more about the mess George Bush has got us in the last 8 years. We have a lot less freedom,(Patriot Act),He has doubled our national debt, from 5 trillion to 10 trillion. Has wrecked out economy with a war to make all his friends and Oil buddies rich.

    Red State Update: Bill Ayers

    Jackie and Dunlap on the truly despicable thing about Bill Ayers.

    Come see Jackie and Dunlap LIVE at the Red State Update Town Hall Meeting Tuesday, October 28, at...
  • When they have the presidential debates why is it always just McCain and Obama? Why won't they have the other candidates who are running on the other parties? Are they afraid it might lure away some disgruntled Dems and Repubs? Even the "Fair and Balanced" Fox Network never mentions that others are running. I supported Ron Paul who got hardly any press at all. He made more since than any of them.

    SA@Takimag - Chuck Baldwin for President

    Why voting for Barack Obama or John McCain is a wasted vote.
  • I live on a rural farm--not quite the speed of life around here. :-)

    Dream Time Lapse. Tangerine Dream. 599 Productions

    · Imagen: 599 Productions
    . Música: Tangerine Dream "Love On A Real Train" (Risky Business OST, 1984
  • I planted 18 coffee beans nearly 3 months ago and about 7 are up so far. I've got a few questions.

    Do they need help shedding the brown coffee bean exterior after they sprout?

    What kind of fertilizer is best?

    And do they like an acidic or alkaline ph? Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Gardening Plant Care : Coffee Plant Care

    Coffee plants are beautiful plants to grow in your garden or home. Learn all about coffee plant care with gardening tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video.

    Stan DeFreita...
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  • In the book of Enoch (altho mentioned in the Bible was excluded so they could put in "Revelations"). It says the giants ate the flesh of man, which gives a new meaning to the passage: .."as in the days of Noah, they were eating and drinking.." Maybe why they come back is to harvest or gather up a majority of people and leave the rest for breeding stock. Gives a new meaning to: "the end-time harvest..."

    Just thinking out loud.

    Nephilim, Aliens, UFOs, Watchers, Annunaki, & Fallen Angels

    To learn how you can become a Christian by inviting Jesus Christ into your life, please see this article....

  • It seems in this election "we're damned if we do and damned if we don't". I'm leaning toward staying home and saving the gas it would take to go vote.

    The Dumb Right

    While SA has typically defended the rank-and-file, conservative Republican voter as having their heart in the right place, yet simply being misguided in supporting John McCain this election season ...
  • I just found your videos & you've probably already covered this subject, but just in case: It's also good to learn to save seeds from your crop(there may be nowhere to buy them after the "big one" hits), which is easier said than done. Watermelon & tomatoes need to ferment for a few days before being washed, dryed & stored. I grew a crop of watermelons, pumpkins and yellow and white corn from the seeds I saved last year. My squash mutated into all kinds of strange looking gourd-like things tho.

    Seed Inventory

    Taking a few minutes to count my seed stocks.

    Every survivalist should have some kind of seed stocks in their freezer. Canned foods, and dried foods are good,...
  • My coffee beans are starting to come up! It's been about 2 1/2 months since I planted them in potting soil and peat moss/humus. Right now they look like a coffee bean with a green stick on the bottom. I'm eagerly awaiting to see the next stage of growth. These little beans sure aren't in a hurry. What is the best fertilizer for these guys?

    6' Coffee Plant first beans after 15 years

    After 15 years, my coffee plant is showing it's first beans, never thought it would but there they are! I don't have a green thumb but somehow it's survived my care (it needed watering when I shot ...
  • Hey, at least she looks better in a bikini than Joe Biden...LOL She even makes Katie Couric look smart!!!!

    Exclusive: Katie Couric Sarah Palin Interview Part II

    "Only On The Web:" GOP V.P. candidate Sarah Palin talks to Katie Couric about the importance of bipartisanship during tough economic times.
  • I wish I'd heard about this in the spring. I could have tried this venture in my town. I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to pay for someone else to create and manage their backyard garden. Heck, if I had the money I'd pay someone to take care of mine, haha.

    Organic Foods: Backyard Agriculture

    A simple idea led two women into a thriving new farming enterprise. Build backyard mini-farms for homeowners who want to start growing their own fresh herbs and vegetables lasting throughout most o...
  • I play this video a lot because I like the song, how shallow is that?! :-)

    December 21 2012 THE END

    • by enmedia
    • 7 years ago
    Please sign the:
    "December 21 2012 - Petition for the TRUTH"

    The original music for this video was "Only Time: by Enya.
    If you wo...
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