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High Chai Recordings

FreQ Nasty - "Why" feat. Spoonface

538 views 5 months ago
This my new single 'Why?' feat. Spoonface. It blends 808 Bass music with dubbed out funkadelica, creating a sweet melodic but full frequency jam that reaches for the heart as well as the feet. It features the haunting vocals of my good mate MC Spoonface from the UK, full of longing and loss.

'Why?' contemplates the inexplicable nature of humankind and why we do what we do to each other, a theme more explicitly rendered in the hard hitting artwork which was a collab with the awesome Tryga Design. I was in 2 minds as to whether to go down this route but I believe the dialogue it will generate is more important than any confusion or controversy that might come about because of it.

The person in the picture is a real person with a family just like you and me and some how ended up being tortured by non military members of hired private armies fighting 'on behalf' of the the American people. No trial, no due process of law. And for what? For who? Why?

For more information on this theme check out these great documentaries on at least part of the reasons human conflict arises in the 21st century when there really is enough for everyone.

'Iraq For Sale: Profiteers of War' - http://www.hulu.com/watch/4...
Why We Fight - http://www.youtube.com/watc...

It's out on High Chai Recordings with remixes from Snareophobe, Mr Bill and The OriGinLz

*High Chai Recordings and FreQ Nasty make no claim to own the copyright in any of the audio or visual material in this video other than the song 'Why?' feat. Spoonface by FreQ Nasty of which the copyright is owned by High Chai Recordings. Show less
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SLAVE - Breaking Free Play

OUT NOW: http://www.beatport.com/release/breaking-free/1085628

Rising bass-music star Slave (22 year old David Timko) is an up and coming producer and talented DJ specializing the ever-evolving sounds of EDM.

Studying music at a very young age, Slave was first trained in classical music on the concert piano which eventually gifted him with a strong understanding of the disciplines of musical theory.

Fast-forward to 2011 where his single "Crush" is released through High Chai Recordings, cementing region-wide notoriety as one of Ohio's favorite local talents. In the summer of 2012 Slave made another leap in the industry as his remix for Liquid Stranger's "Fist of Fury" landed number 32 on Beatport's Top 100 albums for Dubstep.

His debut EP with the High Chai family marks his venture into Electro House and Dubstep with virtuoso music writing that reflects his classical training.
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