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Mega Man ZX Boss Rush - Hard Mode/No Damage/Level 4 Victory/ZX Saber only (Omega)

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Part 5 of 5.

Omega... this video may be two minutes long, but this is the culmination of ZX's challenge. Omega isn't just difficult, he is easily one of the hardest fights in the entire franchise, in any respect. On Hard Mode, things enter a degree of almost unreadable speed. Fighting Omega with the saber in this regard I can safely say was as difficult as any fight I've dealt with over the course of making these videos, and that includes most of X6.

Omega is as he was from Zero 3, unhinged. He has all of his old attacks, and those who've played Zero 3 realize that with such a wide, varied assortment of moves it was damn lucky he was so slow in that game. Here, you don't have that luxury.

I don't think I can name a boss in a Mega Man game off the top of my head who is this lunatic level of fast outside of Quick Man, and he had a lot less to throw at you. Omega is significantly faster than even Serpent. He switches between moves with absolute abandon and will sometimes even cancel in the midst of one to perform another, for the hell of it.

On Hard Mode, even for a normal fight with him, you're given almost no quarter. You have one subtank and possibly the E-tank if you happened to know the game inside and out. It still requires an almost error-free fight. He can kill you in three moves, period. And if you even ONCE get caught in his dash, start healing quickly, because it's instant death from full health.

The number one rule of thumb with Omega is stay the everloving fuck away from him. Using the saber doesn't allow that and increases the difficulty by a staggering amount. His 3-slash combo can be pulled out in literally a few frames of delay, at any point. No matter how good your reaction time is, if you're trying to do more than jump slash him in passing, you can and will be hit by it, his Giga attack, his Z-buster, or his charged saber. Take your pick. Did I mention he can cheat and just use the damned charge whenever he wants?

The worst part of his behavior is the insane degree to which he can chain things. Omega dashes EVERYWHERE, all the time, and your hands are kept full enough just avoiding contact with him. When you're expecting him to dash at you, and he double jumps instead, or he appears to stop to attack, and then immediately breaks into more dashing, you're almost unavoidably fucked. It's also easy as sin to get caught in a corner, in which case he will see fit to spam Giga attacks, jumping slashes, charged sabers, and any other manner of clutter, in rapid succession. That's the big killer; moving around the arena like a madman only to plant into a projectile or dash he initiated off screen.

Even after you've trained yourself to deal with almost every bad situation he can abuse you with, you're left with one more crucial problem: Omega can heal.

He can do more than heal. He heals 8 pellets of health, he heals them unavoidably. There is no rhyme to it, and no stopping it. Jumping over him will sometimes trigger it early, but there's no reason he won't literally sit in one place and use it 3 times in a row to get back a full bar of health, and there's nothing you can do but sit there.

This essentially means you need to out-damage him. Becoming a master of chaining damage with the spinning slash and getting off 3-slash combos are mandatory to win. Jump slashing in opportune moments will simply not deal more damage than he can heal. And therein lies the rub. You need to actively stop yourself, close to him, and start a combo you cannot cancel. This is so counter-intuitive to your safety it's almost laughable. I don't lie, if you get caught in a bad moment and he decides to use the worst attack while you're hitting him, you're fucked. That's it. It's not a matter of 'I didn't see it fast enough', it's instantaneous. He will hit you.

This fight basically boils down to a fringe mix of constant risk assessment, cat and mouse, gambled attacks and pure dumb luck. There are moments even in this optimal fight where you can tell I had no idea what the fuck was going on and dodged an attack by sheer blessing, not conscious reaction. I am a mess in the battle, antsy as fuck and panicking everywhere. It's necessary... and it still won't do you any good 90% of the time. All I can close with is thank God he has the courtesy to stop moving when using a couple of his attacks. Not that he can't immediately turn around and hit you with a new one while you're mid-combo, but still. Show less
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