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Heartless Corporation

We make funny videos - So you don't have to!

1,372 views 9 months ago

Creators of funny YouTube videos since 1839. Heartless Corporation is here to make you laugh with our sketches and songs from now until the heat death of the universe in 2015.

Imagine taking the outrageous slapstick of a Rob Schneider film, combining it with the back-and-forth wordplay of "Friends", and then flavouring the whole thing with the postmodern surrealism of recent episodes of "The Simpsons". Then imagine firing that into the sun and watching our stuff instead. Show less
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Introduction to Heartless Corporation Play

A selection of videos to introduce you to the terrifying world of Heartless Corporation.

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Jesus Answers Your Prayers Play

Got a problem that no worldly entity can seem to solve? No worries, Jesus has returned so you can ask him via the medium of e-Prayer. Leave a prayer in the comments and he may just answer it in the next episode!

Songs & Ditties Play

Well, maybe not fully-fledged songs for the most part, but they're things with a tune that you can snap your fingers to.
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