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HatCHeTHaZ Plays: The Hat Man: Shadow Ward - 20/20 Complete [First On YouTube] - 1080p

159 views 1 month ago

Hey everyone & welcome to my lets play of "The Hat Man: Shadow Ward". A terrifying indie horror game based on real encounters of Shadow People that haunt people in their homes & their dreams.

Heres part 4, stay tuned for part 5!
The game is still in its early access stages so there'll be plenty more videos in the future ;-)

Hope you enjoy the video & thanks for watching :-)
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Link to The Hat Man: Shadow Ward: http://store.steampowered.c...

Highlights of the latest update:
The Hat Man is tougher.
All the in-game tasks work.
Fixed issues with the journal, lighting and sound.
Clicking on items and tasks is now easier.
Added a telegram up front to launch the story off.
Broken elevator is fixed.
New room & new graphics.

About the game:
A scary, authentic, dynamic survival horror game where you are propelled into the nightmare world of the Hat Man and must use all your skills to escape. You will discover an environment that is created and destroyed as you are playing. There is no map. A room you just came from may be gone when you go back. And every decision you make matters. There are no save games or save points. No extra lives or power ups to help you. You die, you start again. Your skills and ingenuity are the only thing that can get you through. All this is backed by a story line that explains why you are here and why it is even more important that you succeed. It is not just about you anymore.

Based on real encounters
Unsettling atmosphere of images and sound
A story that you become a part of
Dynamic map means no memorization and infinite replay
Puzzling moments that require some thought to solve
Optimized to be played in super hi-res
No saved games, no power ups, no mercy Show less
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Slender: The Arrival Soundtrack [First On YouTube] - 1080p Play

Another YouTube First! ;-)
I'm a HUGE Slender fan :-)
Here's the Official & Brilliant Soundtrack to "Slender: The Arrival".
All rights & credits go to Mark J Hadley.

No Copyright Infringement Intended, all Game Content and Music Content is property of their rightful owners, I own Nothing in these Videos. [Slender Developed by Mark J. Hadley].

If you're wondering what the songs are that play on the radio in the game, you're in luck. I've been listening to the radio in the game & I've come across 3 songs that play. 1st is "When the levve breaks" by Kansas Joe McCoy & Memphis Minnie.
2nd is "Wildhood Flower" by The Carter Family. Lastly theres "High Water Everywhere Pt 1" by Charley Patton.
You can find these on YouTube aswell if you're after listening to them.
Hope this helps ;-)
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