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TADS the 3rd Semester Promo - Sign up now for the Class

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The Arrived Play

The Arrived is the Epic Documentary Series from the Minds behind the Arrivals and the Antichrist Dajjal Series. The Arrived is the sequel to the Arrivals and is now available for all to see on youtube and www.HashemStudios.com Please download and upload and spread this video everywhere you can.
الواصلون هو سلسلة وثائقية من العقول وراء سلسلة القادمون و سلسلة الدجال . الواصلون هو تكملة للقادمون وتتوفر الآن للجميع لمشاهدة على يوتيوب و الرجاء تنزيل وتحميل ونشر هذا الفيديو في كل مكان يمكنك.

The Fall of the Idol

Fall of the Idol is a movie based on the book "Siqout Al-Sanam (Fall of the Idol)" by Dr. Tawfeeq Al-Maghribi. It addresses the issue of Taqleed, which is practiced by both, Sunnis and Shia, and it disproves the widely spread notion that Taqleed of the Scholars is obligatory. The idols of this age are the non-working scholars whom have been described in the Hadiths of our Holy Prophet sawas as being the most evil of creation and from whom Fitna shall be produced and to whom it shall return. Fall of the Idol uncovers the truth about the Islamic Marja's and tackles the issue of Taqleed from historical, traditional, and religious points of view seeking to prove that the only human beings whom their Taqleed is certainly obligatory is Prophet Muhammad (sawas) and his Family, the Ahlul Bayt (a.s).
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