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Blackmail: Yumiko Miyazaki Tribute (Resolution)

4,447 views 2 years ago
Ok, remember my Hayato1992 account? i first made this when i recently got my account back from being hacked. Now what happened to it? Apparently Youtube thought my videos were too sexual. So now 5 years of hardwork is long gone. But i didn't want to end my Youtube career that way, and this video was in my mind, so i decided to remake it.

Meet Yumiko Miyazaki. Her and Aya were raped, but only Yumi took the blows, so now she's back and she is out for revenge against Aya and those who are close to her, including Asuka and Miku. ANother reason she wants revenge is because all the girls loved a guy named Ryosuke. Season 2 however, her role gets butchered and in the end, she simply disappears. The hentai itself is okish, since it comes in 2 seasons: Tommorow Never Ends and The Animation. The second season sucked.

Now will i ask YamatoGuardian to upload this 6 episode series? I guess not, unless someone requests it. so i guess enjoy this tribute since it took me 8 hours to do this. Show less
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