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Curt Allen Jr. - Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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In 2004 seventeen-year-old Curt Allen, Jr. was involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident that left him with an acute traumatic brain injury and in a coma at the scene. He was admitted to an acute care hospital, underwent brain surgery to relieve pressure from his head injury and placed in the Intensive Care Unit in critical condition. After one month Curt was transferred to a highly regarded post-acute brain injury rehabilitation center in Southeast Louisiana where he remained for 3 months. During these three months he made such minimal recovery progress that he was discharged as a failure of standard intensive traumatic brain injury therapy.
The day before his discharge from this center Curt's mother asked her priest to have the congregation pray for her son's TBI recovery. Through this prayer request Mrs. Allen received information from a Church member about Dr. Harch and the work he has done with Traumatic Brain Injuries and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.
This video shows Curt's medical improvement from his injuries under the care of Dr Paul Harch using 100% Oxygen under pressure. Show less
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