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Guy Chapman

  • Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 5).

    The following video is made available to you copyright free to use for purposes of education. You may not use this video to make money however we do encourage uploading this video wherever and when...
  • Trainspotting in OO

    • 7 months ago
    Overbridge and trackside shots
  • Night trains

    • 7 months ago
    Experiments in carriage lighting
  • Not a patch on a Deltic, though :-)

    D335 (40135) Start-Up (Not as you expect) - 19.01.08

    D335 is started for the first time after a period of being flat. The AVR was to be checked so Dave Peacock sets out to start the Type 4... 5th time lucky!
  • Motive power depot

    • 9 months ago
    Motive power depot with Heljan DCC turntable
  • Phone camera film of the motive power depot after fitting point motors and DCC turntable

    Motive power depot

    • 9 months ago
    No sound this time, this is the MPD with the DMU shed and the loco shed, the coaling stage and the turntable (Heljan DCC indexing model).
  • What a shame he chose to lie and say there are no adverse events. What is pretty obvious is that without any systematic method for recording them, and with a culture of denial that they exist, it won't be the quacks that spot them.

    Keeping media honest

    Dr SImon Floreani shares his recent media interview IN FULL regarding the claims against Chiropractic safety for children. The interview discusses the false claims that chiropractic care broke a ch...
  • He has disappeared from the limelight, but his whereabouts are known.

    BBC Panorama: "Scientology and Me"

    Tommy Davis (Spokesperson of the Church of Scientology) and John Sweeney (BBC Panorama)

    see Panorama on Monday 14 May 2007 at 8:30pm BBC1
  • The IIT results are down to sloppy experimental technique. Not that this obvious fact stops homeoquacks from continuing to make the false claim...

    Homeopathy doesn't work, says Belgian government agency

    Once again, no evidence is found that homeopathy does anything beyond the placebo effect and the psychological benefits from the personal attention patients receive.
  • Kent Hovind also thought he could refute the tax laws. He didn't do so well there either.

    Hovind is not a scientist though. His "degrees" are worthless, they come from an unaccredited Baptist diploma mill.

    Evolution Vs. God Ray Comfort - Review

    If you have ever watched Evolution VS God Review by Living Waters on TheWayofTheMaster (Ray Comfort) then you should be really pissed by now. Therefore I decided that doing a commentary on the who...
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  • Sure. All we know from the scientific evidence is that geology, paleontology, anthropology, biology and genetics all lead to the inescapable conclusion that life on earth evolved by natural selection. This is the explanation that fits the observed facts most consistently and with the fewest unanswered questions.

    Even the Christians I know all accept this. It is a very long time since I encountered anyone who rejected evolution, and he also believed in homeopathy so was quite clearly mad.

    IS EVOLUTION REALLY POSSIBLE? The definitive video that ends the debate.

    Is evolution really possible? whats evolution? does it have many meanings?
    is evolution a hoax? do people actually profit off evolution? does it specifically make the 2% more wealthy?
  • Here's what the federal regulations say:

    "Labeling claims for OTC orally administered insect repellent drug products are either false, misleading, or unsupported by scientific data."

    Imagine that - a homeopathic product that's not supported by good scientific data. Whatever next.

    Mozi -- Q Mosquito Repellent

    We chat with a local entrepreneur that's created a mosquito repellent in a pill form.
  • Why would anyone ask the quack Vithoulkas? And why would any medical library have references to homeopathy outside its ancient history section? There is no reason to suppose homeopathy should work, no way it can work and no good evidence it does work!

    Testing Homeopathy - Part 2

    Homeopathy defies fundamental physics, chemistry and biology. What does it take to become a homeopath? No training is needed at all, but in this video we compare what seems to be the last BSc Homeo...
  • It seems that von Ribbentrop was aboard the DLH Ju 52/3M, that is the family's note and it tallies as far as we can tell matching up the dates.

    Croydon, 1930s

    • 2 years ago
    Pre-WWII civil aircraft

    G-ACJK Imperial Airways Short L17 Syrinx
    G-AAXC Imperial Airways Handley Page HP42 "Heracles"
    HB-ISI Swiss Airlines Douglas DC2
    F-AMHL Air France Wibault 280
    G-AEPW D...
  • I'll add this to homeopathy on the list of crackpot beliefs of UKIP. Thanks for that.

    Gerard Batten UKIP & EU member calls for INVESTIGATION of BILDERBERG (NAZI EU, CIA, ALEX JONES)

    Gerard Batten UKIP & EU member calls for INVESTIGATION of BILDERBERG (NAZI EU, CIA, ALEX JONES)

    The next meeting of the Bilderberg Group is due to start this Thursday 6th June at the Grove Hotel,...
  • Unfortunately the aircraft in the film (G-ASKH) crashed at Barton in July 1996, killing both aboard. I remember it fondly form my days as a volunteer at the De Havilland Museum near St. Albans.

    1/4- De Havilland Mosquito

    The de Havilland Mosquito was a British combat aircraft that excelled in versatility during the Second World War. It was known affectionately as the "Mossie" to its crews and was also nicknamed "Th...
  • Outstanding! My father worked on the Victor. I ave an oil painting of XA918, I must photograph and upload it somewhere...

    Handley Page Victor (Model)

    This wonderful scale model of a Victor performs a sublime display at Longhorsley.

    I must add that this is not my model, I merely filmed this excellent flight by Andy Johnson, the owner of this model.
  • Please refer all complaints to the Steiner Apologists Help Desk at boohoohoo(dot)com.

    Steiner schools. An Investigation by BBC South West

    Clip from the BBC South West programme, Inside Out. It concerns the controversy surrounding the state funding of a Steiner School in Frome, Somerset
  • What idiot wrote that quack-mungous misinterpretation of wave-particle duality?

    Quackademic Medicine - David H. Gorski, MD

    "Complementary and alternative medicine" (CAM) or, as it is increasingly called, "integrative medicine," is infiltrating our medical schools and academic medical centers, not to mention even the NI...
  • Curse Bowl Altar - An Artwork by Linda Sgoluppi.wmv

    Curse Bowl Altar - A Modern Curse.

    A curse inside an incantation bowl inside an altar that is linked to the web.

    The curse is: "May the Devil's Advocate rot in Hell until he returns what he stole...
  • Only problem is, a lot of the people who have along the years been claimed to have been "cured", turn out to be dead. Some of them are still listed on the "we are living proof" Burzynski patient group website as success anecdotes, even though they died within the prognosis given by their original doctors.

    See theotherburzynskipatientgroup . wordpress . com

    The Burzynski Clinic

    Feel free to pass this on to anyone considering their options in alternative cancer treatments at the Burzynski Clinic. It's also CCMA, so feel free to mirror or repost.

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: I caught ...
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  • Lucy Reynolds talks to Jill Mountford

    Lucy Reynolds is an academic who has studied the background of the NHS in detail, learning in the process what the appalling consequences of privatisation will be. Here she answers questions put by...
  • Hoppers

    • 1 year ago
    Parkside PC80/PC77 hoppers
  • Chlorine dioxide is not a chemical? Well, at least you have conclusively demonstrated that you don't have a clue.

    As to "millions", I have seen absolutely no credible evidence to support such a figure; the cognitive errors that lead people to believe ineffective fake remedies work are, unlike any evidence for MMS, well established.

    MMS on The One Show

    This is the section on Miracle Mineral Solution, the quack miracle cure, on BBC's The One Show. An interview was recorded with me and they included some in this.
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