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Gurtest Hits! (Gurt Lush Choir, Bristol) Play

A selection of moments from our 1st 3 years of performing. Some of it homemade & handheld, but all (hopefully) heartwarming!
We have no auditions & still have spaces at all 4 branches, at the time of writing.
We rehearse in St Werburghs, St Andrews, Redland & Southville every week in term time. Come & help us improve! Details on website...

Best of our Guests Play

A selection of some of our favourite memories from the performances of the myriad of talent we have had the fortune to share the Colston Hall with over the years.
Let the playlist grow & grow!

"Romany Journey", Suite for Choir & Orchestra. The Colston Hall 6th July 2013. Play

Gurt Lush Choir presents the world premiere of our "Romany Journey, Suite for choir, youth choir & orchestra". Featuring the talents of the St Mary Redcliffe All-Star orchestra & youth choir, provided by St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School. Arranged by Gurt Lush Arrangements.
M.D. Sam Burns.
Sound recording, Jimmy Tuffrey.
Camera crew, Charlie Marshall, Vianet Djenguet, Simon Tagney.
Video editing & production, Charlie Marshall.
Audio available from bandcamp via Gurt Lush Website
Manuscript available from www.scoreexchange.com

"The Gurt Mikado", 2nd Feb. 2013, The Colston Hall Play

Gurt Lush Choir & Opera Anywhere present: "The Gurt Mikado". First the songs featuring the chorus as individual clips, then at the end of this playlist, the whole thing, both acts, dialogue & all, in two huge clips.
The performance was put together with a single mass rehearsal on the afternoon of the day itself. Thanks to all involved.
Featuring Opera Anywhere, Bristol Schools Philharmonia & The Gurt Lush Choir.
Musical Director, Mark Finch. Theatrical Director, Paula Chitty. Chorus Master, Sam Burns. Edited & Produced by Charlie Marshall.
Concert Profits to St Peters Hospice.

Gurt Gasworks Concert. The Colston Hall. 7th July, 2012. Play

The Complete Gurt Gasworks concert, 7th July. 2012. (Under Construction)

Gurt Winter Concert 2012, Gurt Lush Choir & BMVC Play

Gurt Lush Choir Debut Concert at the Colston Hall. Shared with Bristol Male Voice Choir.
300 Singers, 1500+ Audience.
Lots of money raised for St Peters Hospice.

Members Requests 2013-2014 Play

Things members want us to cover. Be warned! Whether a song is suitable for us or not is a very complicated criteria. Plus, it has to get passed the things I'm already excited about..... ie -Your idea will almost certainly never make it to the stage. But suggest anyway..... P.S. Unless you ask me not to, I will add a note to say who suggested it! (at least I'll try to)
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