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Lyle McDouchebag

Spoilers Ahead - Trailer Derailer (E3 wRap Up)

76,560 views 1 month ago
In an ongoing attempt to lower the bar, Spoilers Ahead is now a rap about videogames that aren't.

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You'll never make the devil cry if you keep draggin'[Dragon] that ass
Double entendrin' while I'm pondrin' how this game will be crap
and while it may be true
there's gameplay cues
these action shots don't constitute
a thing that gives me any clue
so just shut your yap

you fuckin' hide your shitty game like lara croft hides her face
Thought I'd assume you were original? Well that's not the case
who woulda thunk you'd make a sequel
of a reboot that's a prequel
to a big established franchise, wow I'm so blown away.

Nothin' new. Halo 2? woo-hoo Fuck you.
Hand's blue? What the hell am I even looking at?
Running blondie's now a zombie droppin' chunkage like salami
Wait am I supposed to be excited for that?
You all know that I'm way biased cuz I look like Nathan Drake
but a spoiler in a trailer? Bitch gimme a bre- oh
Assassins creed has gameplay and it looks pretty great,
But you wanna know a secret... It's all fake

impossibly clinical
maybe I'm cynical
but it seems typical
just like the pinnacle
What? Watch Dogs. Yeah I called that shit.
The strait up embellishment
Ubisoft relishes
Hot dog appendages
Alien vestiges
FRENCHMAN LIES, and you think they're legit?
(God damn it.)

I'm crackin' down on your hopes and dreams
The Bloodborne baby pr'y aint half as good as it seems
You got an open world? Well I got an open dick.
Cuz noones been impressed with that since 2006

and if you're game's a movie
bring it to me
and I'll rudely
rhyme this loosely
then excuse me if I call your shit FUCKIN' DUMB
Oh god now I've been going
rappist flowing
way too long and now it's showing
any more and I'll start throwing
UP*violently vomits*

Oh and maybe xenoblade the chronicles of who fuckin cares... yo.

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