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SAE Monster Animation - Sound Design by Kirill Belousov

84 views 3 weeks ago
SAE Monster Animation Competition, Sound Design by Kirill Belousov.

Hi my name is Kirill. Usually I work as a sound mixer on film and tv set. Really wanted to try myself in sound design. 99% of sound effects in this video was combined from my own recordings, synthesizers and ambiances. I've created monster voice, by recording snarls and gnarls with my own voice, then majorly pitch shifting and somewhat time stretching it after, then applying some EQ, Reverb and a bit of distortion to get a bit of high frequesncies out of the monster. as well I've layered in the end pitch shifted layer of female scream, that I've recorded before on some movie set, to give that intensity of the monster jumping at some one.

Intercom was basically same idea, i.e. Pitch shifting, EQ, Reverb, some Direction mixer to make it sound wider, a bit of Chorus and Ringshift Modulation to distort voice even more.

Main ambiance was just a hummy basement atmos. Then other layers was synthesized to create more Sci-Fi mood.

All bangs was combined from about 5-7 layers of different textures to give realism and heavy impact.

To make some of the footsteps I've used my own body to create slappy skin feel to it. When mosnter climbs on top of the cage, I went to the staircase corridor on the fourth floor of my building and used my bare hands and feet to create skin and metallic slap feel of the foley.

Hope I can get to some spot in this competition. Thanks for watching.
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