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Omega is such a wuss

834 views 1 year ago
No damage

No buster
No Gimmicky shit that lasts for only 1 game like the RECOIL ROD
No EX Skills
No Charging 'cept to finish him off
No cheesy Shadow Dash boots
No more than one slash
No hax since that's for noobs
No Unnecessary special effects including musik remixes that distract the viewer from the fight
No heavy duty HD sound effects and video editing that would take too long to do
No cute recoloring for Zero, he stays RED
And finally, no the letter X

lawl go fuck yourself Bass BX, everyone knows that Omega Zero has *always* been cooler than you (and harder cause Bosses should not be allowed to heal themselves) Show less
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KOTOR 2 Cut Content Walkthrough HD Play

Walkthrough of Kotor II: TSL with the cut content mod (and others) installed, using a Light Side Male Exile.

Please excuse that my patience with this game in particular is REALLY short, I gots a history of repeated installs, uninstalls, crashes, buggy mods, buggy mods that I made, ect.

Please be sure to watch in HD and to watch it in either Full Screen or with the player expanded for the best experience.

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