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Gordon Charlton

Swan Grinder - Beat Frequency - experimental theremin music with effects

145 views 3 months ago
Tech notes.

Audio - Etherwave into snarling dogs mold spore (via custom effects loop designed and fitted by Thierry Frenkel), gigfx chopper, electro harmonix talking machine, Marshall echohead, three tracks recorded direct to JamMan solo xt looper with various combinations of those effects, then into the iMac for post-production - denoised and faux stereo and reverb in Amadeus pro, then into GarageBand and through a chain split at 500hz - high notes got roto phase and Roswell ringer, low notes got dr octave and trem-o-tone pedals.

Video - Source Source: https://archive.org/details...
Cropped to widescreen, slowed down to fit the audio, time reversed, iMovie effect "negative" applied and brightness/contrast adjusted. Show less
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Beat Frequency - Experimental Theremin Music (mostly) Play

Beat Frequency - Gordon Charlton, a Theremin and some other electronics

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Hands Off 2007, featuring talks, masterclasses, workshops and a three hour public concert.

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