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  • Golf Practice - Golf Instruction Guy.com

    A good tip on how to practice your short game
  • Alignment Drill

    A good drill for the driving range to check your alignment.
  • Change the lie angle on your clubs rather then adjusting your body to them like the previous commenter suggested.

    Hitting my VictoryRed blades

    HItting my new Victoryred blades for the first time. Swing was a little uncomfortable but hit pretty solid for using them for the first time. Using 8 iron. Please comment.
  • Your swing is really inside which would mean that you really have to use your hands to square up the club at impact. Do you hit it natural draw? What are your misses.

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    wojo video 3.mpg

    My video doing bag drills to learn to use the hands and pivot, for an efficient golf swing.
  • Very sound golf swing!

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    My Golfswing

    please rate !!
  • Hey!

    Really good swing. Fundamentals look great! Looks like you hit a couple of pushes. Did they draw back?

    Do you have a video from face on?

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    My Golf Swing 2

    please comment
  • 360_huy-drill.m2ts

    This is what is known as a two piece takeaway. Your first set your hands by picking the club up and forming an L shape with your arms and shaft. Be sure to take the club away from your body on a ...
  • Hey!

    That's a pretty good swing for a beginner! You need to really work on body rotation for starters. Really turn your hips through the ball.

    The behind view also shows that you are a little to crouched over. Straighten the knees a tiny bit and tilt your spine towards the ball a little more.

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    Please help me with my golf swing.

    I'm a beginner, I'll take any advice. THANKS.
  • Hey!

    What do your legs have to do with being accurate? Accuracy comes down to timing and making sure your body is synced throughout the golf swing. From what I see with your swing is you do a great job of everything. Good tempo, body rotation, swing plane, club path and balance.

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    Nice swing iron 7. Please rate my swing!!

    I'm working on my swing. I haven't yet finished and have to work on my legs to be more accurate.
  • Hey,

    Very solid looking swing. Are you having a hard time control the distance or direction of your short irons?

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    My Golf Swing - Any Advice?

    Please critique and/or give any useful advice or insight into my swing. I'm an 8 handicap golfer and feel like my weakness is controlling my irons, especially my short irons. This particular shot...
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