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Ken Mayer

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08 - The Knight of the Burning Pestle Play

This play, the second "period" play we did, was much better written than the previous one ("The English Play"). Francis Beaumont was a better writer than Nicholas Udall. The full script was rather lengthy, so around 2 hours of dialog was cut. The songs (performed by "Bonefinder") ended up all using the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" because he thought it would be funnier ... we actually found some of melodies, but ... oh well. Unfortunately we scheduled the event this was performed at against a major SCA fighting event, and we didn't have a large audience -- something we've always regretted. While the play is a bit rough by our current standards, it was pretty good. We've debated revisiting this in the future. Not sure if we will or not. Performed at the Phoenix Theatre (event name), March 12, 1994.

07 - Ralph Roister Doister (The English Play) Play

Suggestion: Don't discuss the play "Ralph Roister Doister" by the actual title with the actors who were involved (we use "The English Play"). You will, at best, see them cringe, at worst see their backsides as they run away ... This play turned out to be very very difficult. The author, Nicholas Udall, wrote this play in rhyming couplets, but butchered the language to do so. We spent most of rehearsal working out what some of the lines meant. This was our first foray into period plays, and ... we should have chosen something else. Oh well. The performance is actually better than some of the troupe remember, but it was hard, to say the least. It is far from our best work, and some troupe members have tried to blot it out of their minds forever (not sure how successfully). We cut over 2 hours of dialog, and the songs. Anyway, this is also one of the longer plays we did (1 hour, 36 minutes or so). Performed: Mists Investiture, November 13, 1993.

05 - Arlecchino and the Cup of Love Play

Arlecchino and the Cup of Love is the second Commedia dell'Arte play written by Goldwyn of Britain. The script is even funnier than the previous one, with more characters, a more complex story, and so on. The stage was very cramped, the bus stop right outside the building was frustrating for the video, but it all worked surprisingly well ... much better than we expected. This was meant to be the last play the GSP did, but somehow ... we ended up doing more. First performed November 14, 1992 (Mists Investiture).
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