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Kickstarter Campaign: Plan BEE! Top Bar Beekeeping 101 How-To School - on video!

1,326 views 4 months ago
Here is our Kickstarter campaign video - check it out! This is important for everyone who likes to eat FOOD! Click here to support this campaign: http://kck.st/1gbIO3N

With your support - the Gold Star Honeybees Weekend Intensive - will soon bee available on video! Show less
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WHY top bar hives? Play

Thinking beekeepers want to know!
Sometimes it's about the HOW, sometimes it's about the WHY.
At http://www.GoldStarHoneybees.com we know you want to "get it".
Stay tuned for our forthcoming book all about the HOW & WHY!
"The Thinking Beekeeper - a guide to natural beekeeping in top bar hives, due out in 2012.

Top Bar Hive Overwinter success stories Play

Perception has held that top bar hives don't manage harsh winters, but here are some that have! The important things to consider have to do with protection from the wind. The success stories we've collected (thanks to you who send us this information!) seem to have that in common - good wind protection. Whether it's a hay bale fort surrounding the hive, a location tucked into some sort of planting that breaks the wind well, wrapping with black tar paper, a privacy fence... some folks have even duct taped insulation over the top of their hive (looks funny!) or duct taped over the gap at the bottom of the hive - that space that's left between the hive body and the removable bottom board.

So the word is... WIND PROTECTION!

And if YOU've got an overwintering success story with YOUR top bar hive - send us your location and at least two (up to 10!) digital pix - to bees@goldstarhoneybees.com. We'll feature you on our Success Stories Playlist!

Thanks all - and enjoy your second year bees.

-- Christy

Gold Star "How-To" Videos Play

For more information about Gold Star Honeybees, visit our website at http://www.goldstarhoneybees.com. This "How-To" Video series answers the most frequently asked questions about keeping bees in top bar hives - with video!
Explaining things in clear and simple terms, Gold Star Honeybees' founder Christy Hemenway offers detailed information about the specifics of keeping honeybees on their own natural beeswax in top bar hives, and top bar hive seasonal management.
If these videos are helpful to you - please give us a "thumbs up" and be sure to Subscribe by clicking on the Subscribe button above. It's easy to stay on top of new inforrnation from Gold Star Honeybees!
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