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KZ - Channel Schedule [Thanks for 13,000 Subs!]

495 views 18 hours ago
Here's a video to let you know what videos are going out on the channel and when, along with annotations to each series. Show less
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Let's Play - Tales of Xillia [PS3] Play

Jude leaves his life in the city of Fennmont to team up with new friends and the Lord of Spirits, Milla Maxwell on a journey to save the world against the Spyrix.

Let's Play - Trauma Team [Wii] Play

Trauma Team is apart of the Trauma Center series with this one focusing on multiple modes of play with different doctors instead of just the classic surgery. Along with it is a interconnected plot through the six doctor's storylines. I'll be tackling these in chronological order. I will deviate at times if it leads to better story pacing.
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