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Globe University

Credit Transfer at Globe University

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At Globe University we believe you should only pay once for college credit. Last year we accepted over 19,000 credits from 365 other colleges, including 4 branches of the military. Students who transferred credits, saved an average of $11,700 in tuition and 6 months of class time. Every story starts in a different place. Let's finish what you started!

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Globe University in the News Play

Globe University staff, students and subject matter experts have been featured on broadcast media in our campus markets all over the county. In this playlist you can watch these various news stories and segments.

Alumni Spotlight Play

Globe University is proud of our graduates and impressed by the remarkable achievements of our alumni. Our Alumni Spotlight series is where our graduates share their success stories.

Transfer Your Credits to Globe University

If your goals include finishing a degree or starting one, Globe University can help you see it through. We're here to educate, graduate and help students find rewarding careers. Whether you're going back to school or just beginning the college journey, we will support you through graduation day—and beyond. Let's finish what you started!

edUX - Educational User Experience - Globe University Play

The Educational User Experience-edUX is an innovative and technologically focused, adaptive learning model at Globe University.

Globe University Experience Play

At Globe University, your college experience will be just that—a true experience. This is where you will experience confidence and enter your chosen field with the skills you need to succeed. For more than 125 years, we've provided hands-on career training to countless students like you. Our goal? To prepare you for a successful, rewarding career—not just a job. And equip you with the practical skills employers are looking for.

Know What You're Doing Play

Knowing what you are doing is the key to success. At Globe University, we offer a career-focused education that is all about learning while doing. edUX—our Educational User Experience utilizes interactive technology, flipped classroom and hands-on applied learning projects to ensure all students are prepared with the relevant, real-world knowledge and experience they needed to succeed... unlike this guy.

Applied Learning

At Globe University, we are committed to serving our students, their future employers, and the communities in which we live and work. Our contribution begins as we consult with local business people and professionals, developing curriculum that prepares students for today's workforce. We extend the classroom into the community, working with area businesses and non-profits in developing internships, class projects and community service projects.
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