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The Ultimate Glion Video - Get the Bigger Perspective

5,512 views 4 months ago

What does Glion have that other hospitality schools don't? The Glion experience is unique, global, career-building... and so much more! Our students and faculty explain it best in this new video that reveals everything that makes Glion a unique leader in global hospitality business education.

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Discover our new campus in London! Play

Find out more about the Glion Global degree, get the best of both world. After over 50 year of experience in the hospitality Education, Glion is opening a new campus in London. You do your theory in London and spend also a semester in Switzerland to do your practice. You also have 2 internships that will bring you all over the world! You're just one step from the bright future waiting for you!

Glion MBA Symposium Play

The 2013 symposium takes up the challenge of looking at what exactly is meant by "vision" from the points of view of key
positions including those of finance, marketing, strategy, communication and human resources.

Find out why our students chose to study at Glion! Play

Listen to our students who give you a real insight of what the life on campus is and why they chose Glion!

Listen to the Industry professionals: Why they choose Glion! Play

Each month, big hotel chains and renowed company from the Hospitality, tourism and event industry come on campus to give an insight of their industry and offer internship positions or even full time position.
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