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Healthy Baby Tips and Tools from Pregnancy to Toddlerhood | MyGerber

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MyGerber is an online tool that can help you track your baby's development and map a customized nutrition journey for a healthy baby. Register now at http://gerber.com/MyGerberInfo to join MyGerber to access helpful information about pregnancy diet plans, baby nutrition, and breastfeeding tips, all through tailored content, personalized features, interactive tools, coupons and more to help you nourish your baby right, right from the start.

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Baby Developmental Milestones | Newborn to Toddler Play

Every baby develops at their own rate, which is why it is key to look for baby developmental milestones. Watch to learn what to expect as your baby grows from motor development in infants, to when baby starts crawling, to 2 year old development.

A Healthy Baby Begins with Prenatal Health and Nutrition Play

Prenatal nutrition is an important part of giving birth to a healthy baby. This collection of videos will show you how to develop a pregnancy diet plan (including what to eat and what not to eat when pregnant) to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Tips and Benefits Play

This playlist will help you understand the benefits of breastfeeding while also teaching you important breastfeeding tips from how to breastfeed to how to pump and store breastmilk.

Bottle Feeding Tips with Baby Formula and Breastmilk Play

Consult this playlist for bottle feeding tips ranging from how to bottle feed, to choosing the best baby formula for your baby, to how to prep and store baby formula for on-the-go bottle feeding.

Establishing Healthy Eating Habits Early Play

Establishing healthy eating habits early can help develop your toddler's eating habits for life. Watch to learn toddler food ideas that will keep your toddler's diet balanced and healthy.

Tips for Colic, Spit Up, Reflux in Babies and Baby Poop Play

Newborns can exhibit a variety of baby health conditions early on. Watch to learn about spit up, reflux in babies,colic as well as, the relationship of digestive health and baby poop coloring.
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