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Drawing "Breaking Bad": Jesse, Walter & Heisenberg

1,238 views 2 months ago
This is my drawing of the male protagonists of "Breaking Bad": Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White / "Heisenberg" (Bryan Cranston), with the caravan in the background. Done in A3 format with a retractable lead pencil with refills of various sizes (0.7 HB, 0.7 B ) , a 2B and 5B pencils, and Paper Stumps for the shadows. More info in: http://www.facebook.com/Gen...

The main song of this video belongs to: F.O.O.L

• Title: "Krieg" ( Minute 00:12 )
Author: F.O.O.L
Website: http://fuckourordinarylives... https://www.youtube.com/use...

( The opening song belongs to Dave Porter, Breaking Bad OST )

Éste es mi dibujo de los protagonistas de la serie: "Breaking Bad": Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) y Walter White / "Heisenberg" (Bryan Cranston), con la caravana de fondo. Realizado en formato DiNA3 con portaminas con recambios de varios grados (0.7 HB, 0.7 B ), lápices 2B y 5B, y difuminadores de distintos grosores para las sombras. Más información aquí: http://www.facebook.com/Gen...

La canción principal de este vídeo pertenece a: The.madpix.project

• Título: "Krieg" ( Minuto: 00:12 )
Autor: F.O.O.L
Página web: http://fuckourordinarylives... http://www.youtube.com/user...

( La canción inicial pertenece a Dave Porter , de la BSO de Breaking Bad ) Show less
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