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Gavin Finley

The Feasts of Israel Play

The Seven Feasts or seven "divine appointments" are set forth by the God of Israel as way points on the journey. God's agenda begins historically and personally in redemption with the three Spring Feasts. Then the unfolding story goes on into the equipping of the saints at Pentecost and then on to the final witness of the covenant people of God in the 70th Week. Those final 7 years of this age conclude with the glorification of the Elect in the Apocalypse or unveiling of Messiah at the climax of the age.

The Seventy Weeks Prophecy Play

Daniel's prophecy of the 70 Weeks is the most important prophecy for us to be aware of as we approach the climax of this age. Here we present a series of videos that opens up this enlightening prophecy in all its wonderful scope, chronology, and meaning.

Israelology Play

Understanding Israel in its many theological and historical elements, including the yet to be revealed mysteries of the restoration of all 12 tribes at the climax of this age is not an intellectual matter. It is in fact a spiritual pilgrimage. And those who are destined in Israel's Congregation, its restored nation, and its Elect as a worldwide Commonwealth of Israel will enter into the grand adventure, the divine romance, and on into glories that are beyond telling.
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