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"Diamond Day" Original Minecraft Song (Minecraft Animation)

40,412 views 2 weeks ago
"Diamond Day" An original Minecraft song and music video. Download on iTunes:

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Minecraft song, lyrics and music written and produced by Dwayne Russell

Video made by SamalotPlays

Vocals by Dominic Gonnella

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I dig down in the cold dark caves
I travel in the pouring rain
I wake up and I do it again for you...for you

I know you're there it's a matter of time
can't wait to hold you up see you shine
And when I get you you'll be mine all mine
you're a hard gem to find

I will be searching all over this world
I will go up and down all day

I'm gonna find you constantly mine you
every day is diamond day

whaoh, whaoh.....

Verse 2
I battle every mob I see
It doesn't come that easily
it seems like every zombies out for me.....for me

It's looking better every swing I take
Anticipating every block I break
I think about the things that I can make
You're a heart beat away

I will make a jukebox and I'll play it every day
diamond sword and helmet I will make the creepers pay
memories of good old days will never fade away

Original Minecraft Song. (maroon 5 sound alike) Show less
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