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Let's Talk - Fall of the Samurai Play

Let's Talk is a viewer-submitted replay driven series that dissects different elements and aspects of Fall of the Samurai, the Total War: Shogun 2 standalone expansion pack that was released in March 2012. I attempt to give a balanced and in-depth perspective into the different elements of the game by looking at your replays and picking out those who drive a message through.

To submit a replay make sure to read the topic and visit the Let's Talk thread on TotalWarClanCenter

The Adventures of Gilbert Tigerclaw Play

Let's Play of Mount & Blade: Warband involving Gilbert Tigerclaw, a Swadian noble of the house Tigerclaw. His father was once the emperor of Calradia, only to be usurped and have his empire split into the Kingdoms of Calradia.

Gilbert now tries to work his way into the Swadian elite to slowly take over Swadia and eventually reunite Calradia under one unified banner.

Gilbert's adventures will feature mischief, comedy, epic moments, bloody battles, raging wars, epic fail moments and many voices that represent the different characters in the story.

So will Gilbert succeed, or will he fail and dishonor his house and leave Calradia in tatters? Watch and find out!

The mods used in this playlist include:

Diplomacy + PBOD
Polished Landscapes
Better Banners
Improved Buildings
Better Skyboxes

Road to Rome II Play

Get riled up for Rome II by playing the original Rome: Total War!

This playlist will feature playing every single faction in the original game, trying as hard as possible to be true to their historical tactics and styles of fighting.

TW:S2 - Fall of the Samurai [Avatar Conquest] Play

The Avatar Conqest series for Total War: Shogun 2 's stand alone expansion, Fall of the Samurai.
Join me as I try to conquer Japan and get to level 10!
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