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Hip-Hop Instrumental - Beat {Rap} Epic 2014

29,239 views 1 month ago
sick hiphop beat 2014 (Instrumental)
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I did make this epic rap beat some while ago together with Beataura. I think its a huge collaboration and you will definately
have a good time dropping some dope verses. Beataura came up with the great idea to create this sick choir instrumental.

If you think this angry hip hop beat goes hard than please feel free to subscribe and share it with your friends and family.

You want to pick this Beat for YouTube video's, Mixtapes or just for fun? Then you're welcome to use it. {Non Profit Only / Give credit to "Kyu Tracks & Beataura"}

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Kyu Tracks - Music / Beats / Instrumentals 2014

► Picture © Frederic Mancosu:
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