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GKWunder - Man of the Year Remix (Official Video)

311 views 3 days ago
*for promotional use only
*all the footage was shot on my vacation in europe
Download link: https://soundcloud.com/gkwu...
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Give me props for the proper flow, unstoppable too audible,to be unheard of,and never talked about,people claim to give love,smell fishy by the snout,getcha head in the game,little lame,shots fired like a flame,aim say my name its your destiny child,we go so wild,sauced up never mild,exes cry me a river like the nile,girl lemme freak it and speak it in secret,nobody'll see it, over the weekend,we sleeping',allow my D to deepen,and seep in,you seekin me for a reason,now we hotter than summer season,i'm ceasing you best believing,i got it,it ain't USC i got the trojan in my pocket,i shock like a socket,lets experiment like a science project,my talent curves swerves and observes from the nerves,optic, now you gon see me on the screen as i beam all the cream so clean,studied the game,y'all schoolboys I'm the dean,whatchu mean i'm the fiend,i scheme for my dream,bout to blow up,post up take a shot you can't block,against the clock,tick tock y'all gon fear,my defeated reflection y'all can't mirror,and i keep it clear I'm the man of the year.
Hook 2X
Straight Life That I Breathe,Peace To All Enemies,Bang These Sweet Melodies,Got Time For No Fleas,Got Nobody To Please,Except Me You Can See,I'm The Man Of The Year Got the Whole Fam to Cheer,Flow Pressure To The Peer,Got My Whole Life To Steer,Boy I'm The Man Of The Year,Boy I'm The Man Of The Year. Show less
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