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SG-1 Plays

#1. Left 4 Dead 2 CC - Silent Hill: The Other Side of Life | What, Jason?

1,035 views 3 months ago
So, my mic decided that it would not record when I started this. It was my own fault, I had not recorded anything in awhile and did not first check to make sure things were going alright. SO... No Jason till part 6 of 7 parts. But thats alright, leaves the mystery of what the fk did I say. Which is funny. Funny bunny....

ANYWAY! Silent HILL! We've been eyeing this campaign for awhile now, because we loved the first one. But its not easy to gather us all up together anymore to do much so its taken us awhile. But since we found the time, we decided to play it safe after the last time we went through a Silent hill campaign and set the dif to Normal. And its a good thing we did. People who play dis on expert... you crazeh.

TheLtColonel as Nick
Rubycarbuncie as Ellis
ArchfiendxNero as Gehenna
Zachariasism as Coach
Played on Normal.

As NORMAL... You can download this campaign here:

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All music I used can be found here!
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