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Download link: https://frivolousshara.band...
LIKE, FAVORITE, SHARE! & Let me know what you think of the album! Feedback is greatly appreciated! Also, if you are interested in purchasing a physical copy you can do so on Bandcamp as well! :)

This album is a showcase of some of my many different styles and subject matter, if you don't like it then you can Kiss My Versatility.

Thank you all so much for the support throughout this project, and I thank all of the talented music producers and artists that I had the pleasure of collaborating with!


1. KMV [Prod. Sweatertightpro]
2. Winter Madness (Ft. JayJBeats)[Prod. T.A. x ShawtyMuzic]
3. A Figment in Reality [Prod. Chanslin]
4. Music is Perception [Prod. Raisi K]
5. Hell and Back (Ft. Moses the One)[Prod. IcyT]
6. In Time (Ft. Ax Lycan & Lounge Cat)[Prod. D-Maestro]
7. Emotions [Prod. ShawtyMuzic x Atarako]
8. Can't Nobody Tell Me Nothin' [Prod. Josh Rodriguez]
9. Another Day (Just Breathe)[Prod. KNiCE]
10. Hip-Hop Fire Back (Ft. Asce Blayze)[Prod. SimplySound]
11. Lost and Found [Prod. Sykotix]
12. Doctor, Doctor (Ft. D-Shocka)[Prod. DavinciBeats]
13. Frivolous [Prod. BluntedBeatz]
14. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (Ft. Blacktri4orce)[Prod. Nay.B]
15. Sitting in the Park [Prod. FlIPnBeats]
16. Black Kunoichi [Prod. Hype]
17. Heartbreaker [Prod. Atarako]
18. Magician [Prod. Aataze]
19. Co-Op (Ft. Krysiz Uchiha)[Prod. Raisi K]
20. Diverse City [Prod. Thrill Beatzz]

KMV was released on November 21st, 2013 Show less
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