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Four Idiots Play - Rust

289 views 4 months ago
It's been awhile but the Four Idiots are back and have now invaded Rust. Better yet, they have their own server, so why not join them with the details below/in video

To do so, open Rust and press F1 to bring up the console. Type net connect and hit Enter.

The server is a friendly/helpful one with PvP Enabled, so we have only two rules: 1) Please speak English and 2) Don't be a dick.

We will no doubt throw up tweets about when we are playing but don't be afraid to jump on without us...just...no revolting, ok? ;) Show less
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Left 4 Dead Play

Join the four idiots on their adventure as they journey into the infected world of Left 4 Dead.

Experience teamwork and friendship like never before as each idiot helps one another overcome obstacles and of course insult each other along the way, well what are friends for at the end of the day?

Sniper Elite V2 Play

Cogrock & Salvenius take a tour of the Sniper Elite V2 war ridden streets of Germany

PAYDAY: The Heist Play

The four idiots decide to leave the zombie infested world of Left 4 Dead and now make their way into the crime ridden world of PAYDAY: The Heist.

Can these guys really pull off robberies or will they struggle to take candy from a baby?

Minecraft Play

The blocks of the wilderness have been calling the Four Idiots for some time and with a game like Minecraft, the amount of idiocy is endless!

Is it really a good idea to give these four a huge sandbox to play in?

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Play

After hearing a fan cry out "Ghost Recon Future Soldier", three of the four idiots decide to accept the challenge of tackling the hi-tech and covert objectives by playing as the "Ghosts"

Follow Cogrock, Salvenius and Christophicuss as they leave "the doctor" behind to take on Future Soldier, mission by mission.
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