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301 views 1 year ago
The trailer gave me feels, okay? A lot of feels. And thoughts. Lots of those, including the following: Lightning blamed herself about Serah becoming a l'Cie, right? Because of her emotional distance pre-FF13. Well, Serah becoming a l'Cie was the major catalyst for the cocoon part of family l'Cie getting marked, and if they hadn't been freed from crystal by Etro at the end, 13-2 wouldn't have gone the way it did. Serah wouldn't have died. What if Lightning blames herself for all the crap that's happening so far--like Noel and Snow wanting to kill her. Talk about your guilt complexes. and it just reinforces my idea that she'll be dead at the end of the game. atonement.

this game is going to rip out my heart and it's not even out yet. Show less
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