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Syranic - Trans[c]ience (Cover)

644 views 2 years ago
Almost 1 year has past since I've uploaded my last video.. a lot happend.. and I've worked a lot on my techniques and stuff.

I'm giving you another song of the german band Syranic.
They're just awesome - support them and buy their EP "The Windscale Inception"! It's worth it.

I decided to cover "Trans[c]ience".
This is the most mind-blowing song on their EP

Okay - now I have to say something.
At this moment I have 49 subscribers and didn't do anything to appreciate this.

I think this cover is the best I ever did (hope you think so too!) and I had a lot of fun learning and playing it.

I'm thinking about to upload some more videos the next time - I've recoreded some meshuggah but I never had time to record a video for the audio file.. It is a full cover of "Suffer in truth". sounds good, doesn't it? :P

So guys. Thank you for watching my videos - I'll do some more and better videos, just give me some time ;)

Guitar: Ibanez RGR-320 EX
Tuning: Drop-C
Effect: Guitar Rig 5
Soundinput: Line 6 UX2 Show less
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