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Mulder's Obsession - Messed Up Toons [Episode 1]

10,316 views 1 year ago
"NEW" episode of The X-Files.. in cartoon form.
(Taking X-Files audio out of context to make a new, "better" plot)

Also; I'M BACK. This is the first movie I've made in a while. By "a while" I mean "5 years". It's like riding a bike! (A bike that hates you and crashes constantly.)

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If you're curious, the dialogue is mostly from The X-Files Season 6, Episode 16 (S06E16, "Alpha"). By ignoring the mundane plot and listening to the audio out of context, I found a much more interesting plot in my head. This is what "Season 10" would have been.

♫ The "Dear Internet" music is "Reaching Out" by Kevin Macleod, from Incompetech.com
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