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KJX: Robot City - Dusk / Dawn Separation (humans under curfew) Op.4228

1,296 views 3 years ago
© 2011 Barry James Warne. That time of night in Robot City, no human life form ventures out. The machines roam rapidly tending to the infrastructure. Robots everywhere the eye can see, busily taking care of everything from garbage to unsolved crimes. Show less
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E-70: the CS-80 killer Play

Through recent heavy research and after having stumbled on an amazingly good deal on an Electone D-85, am now convinced that the Yamaha E-70 is in fact 90% of the famed CS-80 synthesizer. I used to own two of those, and always felt the need for a 2nd keyboard ~ which the E-70 provides for playing bass lines and comping chords.

D-85: the GX-1 killer. Electone Organ Slicing & Dicing. Play

Yamaha D-85 organ. Demos of range of sounds and playing. This is the final best analogue version of the famied Yamaha GX-1 and falls squarely between that model and what would follow in the DX-7 and FX-20.
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